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Privacy en cookies

The aim of this page is to inform you about how Madurodam handles the website and the personal data it obtains through the website. The Dutch Data Protection Act (Wbp) will be observed at all times in the processing and use of personal data. This act helps to protect citizens’ privacy.


Personal data provided will be handled confidentially by Madurodam to the best of its ability. This personal data will not be provided to third parties except if this is necessary for the delivery of products and/or services ordered by the visitors. You will protect and indemnify Madurodam, its employees, representatives, licence holders, trade partners and the author of this disclaimer against judicial or extrajudicial measures, convictions etc., including the costs of legal representation, accountants etc. who are appointed by third parties as a result of or related to your use of this web page, your violation of any legal regulations or the rights of third parties.

The Dutch Data Protection Act
This act establishes the rights of anyone whose data is used and the obligations of the institutions or companies who use this data. The Dutch Data Protection Act is applicable, for example, to data processed via the Madurodam website. This means that personal data collected, stored, used, made available in any other way, linked or protected via the internet falls under this act. Madurodam only collects personal data if you have chosen this yourself by sending an email message, completing a (job application) form or placing an order via our website. Madurodam only uses the personal data for the following purposes: 

  • Providing information about Madurodam, its products or services 
  • Offering and improving our products and services 
  • Recording your data for the job-application procedure 
  • Provision of data to third parties on the basis of legal obligations

If you are younger than 16, you will need permission from your parents/guardian to provide your personal data to Madurodam. If you are younger than 16, your parents/guardian can have the data provided to us adjusted or removed.

Sharing and disclosure of your personal data
Madurodam will not sell or rent your personal data to anyone. Madurodam can share your personal data with third parties who are appointed on behalf of Madurodam to deliver products or provide services. This does not apply to job applicants.

Insight into, improvement of and removal of your data
If you would like to know what data Madurodam has recorded about you and what Madurodam uses this data for, you can request information about this using the information form at In this way, you can also request for Madurodam to change or remove your data.

This privacy statement may be changed. The changes will be published on this page. Madurodam advises you to regularly consult this page for possible changes.

Use of cookies

Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small file that your browser sends with pages from this website and saves on your hard drive.

We use cookies to facilitate ticket sales, make logging into our website easier and remember your settings and preferences. You can turn these cookies off via your browser, but this may negatively affect the functioning of this website.

Our website also uses “tracking cookies”. We use these cookies to record which pages are visited, in order to obtain insight into our visitors’ online behaviour. This profile is not linked to a name, address, email address, IP address etc. We only use the data to adjust the website as much as possible to our visitors.

You can delete cookies yourself, since they are stored on your computer. Consult your browser manual for this.


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