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Organize safely

Organize your event safely and responsibly in Madurodam.

To ensure your guests of a safe and responsible meeting, Madurodam has drawn up the protocol: Safely together in collaboration with other day attractions. Additional measures have been taken by the event industry to ensure that your visit to one of our event locations takes place within the applicable guidelines from the RIVM.

What measures are being taken for my safety

  • We provide 1.5 distance
  • Extra hygiene measures
  • Sufficient and clear communication before and during your event. Read the guidelines for safely attending an event in Madurodam here

More information about the COVID-19 measures in Madurodam can be found here. You can read information about additional measures from the event industry in the Event Industry Protocol.

  • Vergader opstelling
  • Vergader opstelling
Different setups are possible

Make use of our beautiful park Madurodam

The Madurodam theme park is ideal for organizing outdoor events. Madurodam inspires its visitors every day by telling the great stories of the Netherlands. Make a unique link between your event and one of the many stories that the Netherlands is big on. This way you can also make your event a Dutch highlight! What big story are we going to tell for you?