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Nieuw Amsterdam

Dine, hold a meeting or have drinks at a spectacular location, where you can experience the 17th century? This is possible in Madurodam. The 2 unique spaces of the indoor attraction Nieuw Amsterdam, are perfect for meetings, private dining and having drinks in a small gathering!

128 m2
Up to 30 persons
Up to 30 persons
Up to 50 persons

2 locations

Nieuw Amsterdam is a spectacular indoor family attraction, in which you travel back in time to the New Amsterdam of the 17th century. This is the city that is today called New York. The attraction disposes over 2 separate spaces for an event. The ridge of the Schreiers tower is perfect for smaller parties, such as an informal gathering or a meeting. The second location is established on the city square of New Amsterdam. This is the place where visitors have to defend the city themselves, using cannons against the attacking English. In the evening, this historic square offers space for private dining.

Nieuw Amsterdam is perfect for: